Daria Morozova S.

I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking, so for me Aurora Borealis fish products turned out to be a lifesaver :)) Their breaded pollock fillets in breading is quick to prepare and always turns out delicious. I recommend to everyone, who appreciate convenience and quality.

Dmitry Smirnov A.

Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of fish products from Aurora Borealis. The assortment is quite varied and all the options are very tasty. Our family's favorite is the pollock fillet product in batter, very tasty

Albina Morozova E.

I never thought that a cooked fish product could be so juicy. It turns out very quickly, no special cooking skills are needed to make it delicious! I recommend it to all fish lovers)

Varvara Kushnaryova N.

I always try to keep Aurora products in my fridge!!! Their fish sticks and pollock fillets. are a godsend. The flavor is great, the breading is wonderful, and they get crispy when cooked. Thank you for such a great product!

Alexandra Rudakova

Ready-made fish from Aurora turns out as good as homemade, perhaps even better!!! Very often I buy and prepare for the family table, everyone likes it very much!

Alexei Kozlov M.

I am a lover of a variety of fish dishes and rarely buy anything ready-made, but the fish products from Aurora wowed me! Delicious, and most importantly, it's convenient! I recommend to anyone who appreciates quality and convenience of preparation.

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