About Company

since 2013

The company turned 10 years old, in 2013 the business came from Denmark to the territory of the Russian Federation with the aim of providing intermittent deliveries of fish cutlets for the burger Filet-o-Fish (a McDonald's product) from local raw materials at local production facilities.

It started as a small business with 16 employees. At the moment there are already 80 employees with a turnover of more than 2 billion rubles. The company is based on European quality standards. A priori food safety is important. Certified according to MSC, FSSC 22000, HACCP standards.

The company has expanded the profile of its activities, we cooperate with federal networks, as well as with various restaurants of fast food chains.

Production Warehouse
Our goal is to make fish more attractive and affordable for consumers of all categories of buyers

The Russian consumer is not well accustomed to fish and finds it inconvenient to use. They don't use it much in their diet because it is expensive and they don't want to mess with cutting fish.

We offer a product ready to eat, you heat it up and there is a tasty and healthy diet for the whole family. Fish itself is very useful, it contains a large amount of proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Family values are very relevant to business

Fish is a product for everyone (men, women and children), it is accessible, convenient and useful. The plant has been located in Veliky Novgorod since 2013, certified according to Russian and international standards.

The enterprise makes a great contribution to the development of the fishing industry. We change the perception of fish. We observe the principles of MSC, sustainable fishing and the balance of bioresources. Fish industry without compromising future generations.

The company makes a great contribution to the development of the Russian fishing industry

Special fishing zones where the catch of fish is controlled. Responsible use of fishery resources, landed at certain times, at certain times, at certain times, in certain amounts.

It's all traceable. From where it was caught, by whom it was processed, and where it was delivered. The company works with recyclable cardboard packaging, we use as little plastic as possible, and the plastic that is used is sorted and sent for recycling.

We are constantly audited, checked for compliance on a number of indicators: food safety / safety / waste management. The audits are based on Russian legislation, not every company can pass audits, which are conducted not only by regulatory authorities, but also by buyers / contractors.